GoPro Hero5 Session Review: Why I chose the Session over the Black

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170703 Update: Added section with GoPro every-day carry hacks, tips and tricks

I recently purchased a GoPro Hero5 Session and love it! It lacks a screen and battery life, if I’m honest, sucks donkeys. But the lack of a screen has been unexpectedly freeing: instead of staring at the back of a camera, I find myself being able to better focus (no pun intended) on my subject and surroundings, allowing me to more smoothly move the camera. And with it’s uber-wide field of view, and built-in digital stabilization, I’ve been surprisingly pleased with my blind captures. Image quality isn’t as good as my favourite point and shoot and low light pictures are blurrier and grainier than a decent smartphone. But the GoPro Hero5 Session wins with its tiny, pocketable, waterproof and user-friendly design. There’s really no excuse to not carry it literally everywhere you go.

GoPro Hero5 Family Features:

  • 4K @30fps video
  • Waterproof to 33ft
  • new Linear mode
  • Electronic Image Stabilization
  • Voice Control

Hero5 Black vs Session:

  • 2” touch LCD vs None
  • 12MP vs 10MP stills
  • 1080p SlowMo: 120 vs 90 fps
  • GPS vs None
  • RAW stills vs None
  • 3 noise-cancelling mics vs 2

Why I chose the Session over Black

  • smaller & lighter
  • stealthy & less intrusive
  • no LCD = no questions or fuss


  • size & form factor
  • ease of use
  • robust & waterproof
  • build quality


  • door falls off
  • no LCD
  • limited dynamic range
  • battery life
  • fixed wide angle lens
  • disappointing in low light


  • Include Black’s RAW and Wide Dynamic Range modes
  • Better Low-Light video and still quality

GoPro Hacks, tools and tips for every-day carry


  • tiny size and bullet-proof build makes it able to get shots that would otherwise be impossible

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