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PopSockets Review: the best iPhone/Android Accessory under $20

I get asked a lot what I’ve got on my phone. And as someone who’s always looking for a better way to do everything – even holding my phone – I’ve been surprised my PopSockets have remained my favourite iPhone/Android accessory for years.

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Re-positionable, collapsible Smartphone accessory that functions as a grip, stand, cord wrap and fidget toy.


Anyone with a smartphone. That means you … and pretty much everyone you know over the age of 10.


PopSockets solves so many problems this will sound like an infomercial.

Truth Alert! I don’t get sponsored and have never been given any freebies. Instead I’ve spent hundreds of dollars buying PopSockets and giving them away as gifts to friends and family because I love them so much!

Why do I love them so much? Let me count thy ways ….

Drop your phone much? My instances of phone dropping have significantly reduced since adding my PopSocket.

Pinky-cramp much? It’s repositionable adhesive allows you to find the ideal placement to maximize your screen reach while alleviating pain.

Ever wish your smartphone would stand on its on when watching/sharing a video? PopSocket to the rescue.

Can’t miss an important notification but need to keep working on your laptop? All these issues and more and solved with clever design and perfect execution.


Confession: I’ve been a user for over 2 years. PopSocket users that is. It’s been so invaluable that I’ve switched from my favourite closed-back iPhone cases to a simple bumper because it’s so good. Strangely I often get asked about it when people see my phone seemingly float in my hand.



– Quality materials and design:
PopSockets collapse against the back of your smartphone, adding minimal bulk
– Quality Printed Artwork: Custom printed artwork has not chipped, faded or peeled and looks like new after over a year of daily use
– Collapsible silicon section has survived thousands of hours of fidgeting use and abuse 🙂
– Great Repositionable Adhesive:
– Secure and does not damage cases or naked iPhone back
– Easy to apply, peel and reposition as needed (tested in the video above with over 1.5 years of use). Encourages experimental placements to find your best personal fit
– Versatile: PopSockets many uses include:
– Smartphone Grip – PopSockets help relieve hand pain and prevents the dreaded pinky cramps
– Portable iPhone/Android stand: makes for viewing and sharing videos easy
– Smartphone Laptop Mount: place your smartphone safely on your laptop’s screen to prevent missed message and calls
– Unique size and design allows multiple grip positions (unlike ring and loop cases).
– Also a fidget toy: always with you, silent and satisfying
– Option to create custom artwork and branding – perfect for small businesses and VIP clients
– Optional PopClip purchase makes it even more useful:
– mount on any flat surface (car, wall, mirror, etc)
– infinitely hack-able – (see Tips and Tricks below for examples)


– Requires flat surface for adhesion. This means curved smartphone designs like my son’s beloved Motorola G3 doesn’t play nice with PopSockets.
– Not compatible with all surfaces: company warns it may not stick to silicon, leather and other waterproof cases
-Adds thickness: not quite as pocket-friendly as your non-PopSocketted phone, but added bulk is well worth the price of a minimally more bulky pocket

Tips & Tricks:

  • Binder clip + Pop Clip = charging stand and travel keyboard stand hack (see video for details)
    • 3 ways as stand:
      • upside down for upright viewing
      • Right side up
      • upright charging stand
      • clipped to Keys to go
      • Clipped to airline headrest magazines

Compared with Competition:

What competition?

There are loop ring cases where you thread your finger through. This will definitely prevent dropping, but doesn’t encourage or allow the free change of hand position.

There are also cheap Chinese knock-offs, but you can’t customize your artwork and the materials are definitely different – the collapsible silicon seems to be replaced with a stiffer plastic material, which doesn’t sit as flush to your smartphone when collapsed, adding a bit of bulk to your precious pocket real estate. Also not sure how many times you’ll be able to pop the knock-off sockets before the plastic tears or becomes brittle.


It’s amazing how much joy this $10 gadget has given me. From fulling the practical need of preventing phone drops to always having a stand available, I love literally getting a grip on my phone with my PopSockets 🙂 I can’t recommend PopSockets enough and it’s been a popular gift I give for a reason.

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What’s your favourite Smartphone accessory? Would love to hear from you so hit me up in the comments.

Read Me:

Great Multi-function gadget for every smartphone: additional grip, table stand, laptop screen mount, fidget toy.

Bonus points: I wasn’t sure if this would be useful to my teenage nieces and didn’t want to gift it to them and it go unused. So what’s a good uncle to do? I told them it wasn’t a gift, and to tell me if the would find use in it. They thought about it for a day, and both decided to keep them on their phones. Uncle win!

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