Rode Wireless Go Review: A great, affordable kit for Vloggers, Realtors and Interviews

The Røde wireless Go is the wireless system for the masses. Tiny, self-contained, and astonishingly great sounding, this is the new standard in portable audio recording. At the asking price of under $200 (USD), it transcends the single category of wireless microphones and, I believe, will become the industry standard for Youtubers, Vloggers, creatives and many professionals everywhere.


The Røde Wireless Go is the world’s smallest (at time of writing) wireless microphone system with a built-in mic, hotshoe-compatible clips, USB-C rechargeable batteries, all for under $200 (USD).


The Røde Wireless Go is cheaper, easier to use and more reliable than options costing twice as much. Add to this its small, well-thought-out design and great-sounding built-in mic, and you have a game-changer of a wireless microphone system.


Youtubers, Vloggers, realtors and other professionals who want to capture better audio for video. Also perfect for livestreaming on Facebook or Youtube.


Design & Build Quality

  • Smallest form-factor of any wireless transmitter and receiver I know. Makes it easy to carry, conceal and perfect for travel
  • Internal battery with USB-C charging cable included – allows for the tiny form-factor and weight savings
  • Clever clip design doubles as hotshoe mount on both transmitter and receiver
  • Materials: quality plastic and rubber inspires confidence. Nice attention to detail includes nubs on clip and rubber back for secure grip on clothing.


  • Receiver Display – great readability with usefully detailed audio levels and battery level gauge for both transmitter and receiver. Very convenient to check both battery status’ at camera position without having to bother talent
  • Ease of use – turn on and go. Auto frequency switching and easy re-pairing when required
  • Auto Volume Input – works with a variety of lavalier and powered shotgun mics
  • Volume output control – three output levels on the receiver makes it compatible with a variety of cameras and audio recorders
  • Small and light enough to attach via gaffers tape to most gimbals


  • Slight interference noted when I moved transmitters near cables of the receiver at the camera position. Having the transmitter and receiver so close is not a real-world scenario, but I will keep an eye on this as it may be a sign of poor internal shielding
  • Wireless signal strength: reliable line-of-sight use, but not through walls or even a leg outdoors even when placed in a front-pant pocket
  • The built-in battery is not user-replaceable. What happens when the battery no longer holds a charge? Good question. Though you can power it via USB-C, hopefully, Røde creates a battery-replacement service, which is simple and affordable. But to be fair, my Sony A73 camera batteries cost almost half of the price of the entire Røde Wireless Go kit.
  • Clip-on-mic transmitter, though small, is too heavy for t-shirts. If using the built-in mic is desired, you will need to find an alternative mounting position (lanyard?) or use a plug-in mic like the Røde Smartlav+

Battery-saving Tip: When the Receiver is on, pressing the power button once will turn on power-saving display mode (noted by the “sun” icon at the top-middle of the display) which dims the receiver’s display after several seconds to conserve battery power.

Camera-Top Mixer for 2 Røde Wireless Go Mics

Buy this hotshoe-mounted mixer to create a 2-channel (dual) Røde Wireless Go Setup:

Want a backup recording of your talent? Better yet: a -6db backup recording of the backup recording? Pair a Tascam DR-10L to each Røde Wireless Go, and you’ve got an on-talent recording with a -6db backup track AND wireless audio.


The Røde Wireless Go’s two downfalls are its questionable shielding and its dependence on line-of-sight use.

And though the usable distance is excellent on paper, line-of-sight use is a must if you don’t want to deal with dreaded audio drop-outs. I always monitor the mics so I at least know if there was a drop-out and I can get my talent to do a retake.

If retakes aren’t a possibility and you require rock-solid, bullet-proof wireless audio, then the Røde Wireless Go may not be for you. But if you’re ok with the limitations noted above, this wireless mic kit is hard to beat. Tiny, innovative, well-executed, great-sounding and inexpensive, the Røde Wireless Go transcends the class of wireless microphones and, I believe, will become the new standard for capturing audio for many.

The Bottom Line

Though not perfect, the Røde Wireless Go has been the wireless kit I’ve been waiting for. It’s so good and such a great value I believe it will soon replace the ubiquitous shotgun mics atop every YouTuber’s vlogging camera. Kudos to Røde for innovating so all creators can be heard loud and clear. Two big thumbs up!


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