Anna Kuperberg Photography

Hi and thanks for stopping by our little corner of the internet!

We’re Dave & Quin Cheung but don’t let our Asian skin fool you: we’re proud of our Chinese roots but also truly Canadian … eh 😉

We lovingly refer to ourselves as “bananas”: yellow on the outside (Chinese) but white on the inside (very-much North Americano).  “Not so Ancient Chinese Secrets” is our cheeky way of sharing life without taking ourselves too seriously.

This is our spot to share things dear to our hearts including …

Photography & Filmmaking

As partners in DQ Studios we’re glad creating media is more than just a “job.” Truly passionate about capturing memories, true character and storytelling, this is the place we’ll be sharing reviews, tools and tips which help us better capture moments and people and tell stories that matter.

Food & Fitness-ish

We *love* to eat.  Well.  A lot.  Especially Dave.

How can this be if we want to be fit?  We’re here to share our struggles (and recipes) as we reconcile the foodie and fit-wannabe in us.  Not every recipe will be super-food worthy, but we believe a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t mean always being hungry or hating your food.

We’ve definitely gone through the ups and downs that come with the dreaded d-word: “dieting.”  We’ve also tried working out for hours on end: doubling up workouts and followed popular programs before they were popular (Body for Life anyone?).  Making time to stay fit and active when work, kids, and life beckon from every side has its challenges.  Finding the balance of effective workouts in the minimum of time (and avoiding injury!) has become the goal.  We’re not fitness experts but truly love to help people achieve their goals and, if you’re like us, there’s always room for improvement 🙂

Family & Faith

It seems strange to say we’ve been married for over 25 years … it still feels as fresh as ever and my immaturity (and Asian skin) often betray my age. Being married *and* being business partners hasn’t come without challenges. This is where we’ll share the good and the bad as we strive to strengthen each other and raise our two boys into amazing men.

and last but definitely not least:

Anna Kuperberg Photography

Our Ultimate Not So Ancient Chinese Secret …

…which really isn’t a secret at all, is living out our faith in Jesus.

Above all else, we strive to honour our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in all we do and who we are. (Colossians 3:23)

It’s definitely not about perfection, but progress in the right direction as we stumble our way through life as we know it … together.

Thanks for being here and don’t be a stranger.  As far as we’re concerned, the more people we can journey with the better 🙂

In Love,

Dave & Quin Cheung

DQ at work:
Commercial and Documentary Photography & Filmmaking: DQ Studios
Quin’s handmade ceramics: Quinspired

PS: Special SHOUT-OUT to our wonderful friend Anna Kuperberg for our family photos!  WE LOVE THEM!!!  :):):)