Accsoon Toprig Motorized Slider: Is It the Best Choice? Review and Comparison with Edelkrone & Syrp

Hey this is Dave from dqstudios and today we’re comparing the Accsoon Toprig line of motorized sliders with my Edelkrone SliderPlus.


The Accsoon Toprig S40 and S60 motorized sliders are the most travel-friendly, fastest to set up, most convenient, and best-value sliders I’ve ever used – punching well above their asking price. With the exception of repeatable macro shots, they outshine the Edelkrone in almost every aspect.


Before we go on, full disclosure: I purchased the S40 with my own monies, and was so impressed I made a quick user guide/review (link in description). I then reached out to Accsoon and they were kind enough to send me the S60 without charge, but without strings attached too. So as always, I’ll be sharing my honest thoughts – good and bad – giving you the details so you can make your own informed decision. As always, you’ll find links and updates as well as clickable index in the description. I’ll also go through setting up each slider in real-time at the end of this video, so you can skip ahead to see real-world results.


Compact 40cm and 60cm motorized slider


At any price point, motorized sliders are seemingly the holy grail of shots that are difficult with a gimbal. From detailed macro product shots to adding visual interest to interview talking heads, motorized sliders can help achieve professional results. But the problem with most automated sliders is that they are cumbersome to transport, setup and use. So I often find myself leaving my Edelkrone and other motorized sliders at home. But the Accsoon changes that …


Timelapse lovers. Product videographers. Corporate, commercial and documentary filmmakers.


Don’t tell my wife, but I’ve tested and still own more sliders than anyone could reasonably justify. From Konova, GVM, Edelkrone (SliderONE and SliderPLUS v3) and Syrp (Magic Carpet Pro). I’ve been on a quest for the perfect slider and though none are, the Accsoon is so impressive, it is the only one I currently recommend.


Build Quality

  • A: All metal chassis. Rubber belt. Plastic battery sled and control surface.
  • Thoughtful design touch: 3/8 head mount springs away to reveal 1/4-20 mount (all gear should adopt this as standard practice)
  • Easy panning via two locking knobs


  • Travel Friendly: compact and lightweight
  • Fast Setup: turn it on, let it run, then start shooting!
  • Very intuitive user interface: no manual required
  • Great real-time speed control with the integrated control knob
  • Does not require app to work. I cannot overstate how great it is to be able to turn it on, let it calibrate, and then to just start shooting. It save soooo much time in setup that I’ve actually used it on commercial shoots vs leaving the Edelkrone in the bag because I dread the setup and app connectivity. I also use apps to control my lights, which makes it cumbersome to use another app, wait for it to pair, then program things in.
  • Smartphone App is very intuitive: It took just minutes to figure out how to setup a timelapse
  • Goldilocks lengths: S40 can fit in a backpack. The S60 is longer, but still compact enough to use atop a sturdy tripod without additional supports.
  • Great battery life and can trickle power your camera via 5V USBC output.


  • Motor is strong, but if you are shooting at an angle, when the motor is not engaged the belt will allow your camera rig to slide. TIP: I end up leaving the motor running continuously to prevent my camera from slipping.
  • No locking Base. There is no way to lock the motorized base in place. This would be great for transporting short distances during a shoot without my camera moving with inertia or gravity.
  • No option for manual slides – motorized only.
  • after changing speeds with the control knob, the first end has a slightly abrupt stop, with all subsequent changes of directions having a smooth ease-in/out motion. Would love to see them integrate a smooth end-stop even with the first stop, so I could get continuous takes
  • No speed control via app – only controllable via hardware knob
  • Panning is simple, but not as accurately repeatable due to simplicity of design and implimentation

The Competition:

Accsoon Toprig vs Edelkrone SliderPLUS

  • Pan system doesn’t allow for perfectly repeatable results – most won’t need this, but if you’re into duplicating moving slider shots or do mostly macro videography, then consider the repeatable nature of the Edelkrone.
  • Pan only – No tilt ability. If this is required, then you’ll need to look elsewhere.
  • Edelkrone must be mounted on a tripod for full travel distance.
  • Edelkrone has slight bump in the middle.
  • Edelkrone can be used manually with optionally purchased “Steady Module”. But even with this addition, I find there is often a small but noticable bump in the middle of the travel.
  • Edelkrone ecosystem is much more expansive, but also much more expensive.
  • Edelkrone requires connection via bluetooth to either the remote or Smartphone app to be controlled. This take extra time and I’ve also found firmware updates have caused me to lose time during setup – causing anxiety and preventing me from bringing it on gigs when I know my client will be looking over my shoulder.
  • Edelkrone requires multiple batteries (and types, depending on configuration).
  • Edelkrone is much more expensive.

Accsoon Toprig vs Syrp Magic Carpet Pro

  • Accsoon Toprig is by far faster to set and use as a motorized slider
  • Syrp Magic Carpet Pro is indefinitely extendible and has an integrated enertia wheel, making smooth manual slides effortless.
  • Syrp can be expanded in length indefinitely.
  • Syrp is modularly motorized, but much more expensive.
  • Syrp is not as repeatable for macro and detail shots as Edelkrone, even when motorized (pulled on string vs app-controlled motor).

Tips and Recommendations

S40 is great for backpacks and macro work (shoot food!). S60’s length comes in handy for shooting people and things from further distances – interviews, push ins, angles etc.

Best basic motorized slider: Accsoon S40 and S60
Best macro repeatable motorized slider: Edelkrone
Best manual control slider: Syrp Magic Carpet Pro (I have the 3ft and 2ft sections which can be combined to create a 5ft track).


But the Accsoon Toprig S40 at:
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But the Accsoon Toprig S60 at:
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Buy the Edelkrone SliderPlus kit at:

Buy the Syrp Magic Carpet Pro at:
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Buy the acratech 50lb capacity ballhead at:

Buy the K5S Fluid Head at:
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Buy the Sachtler Tripod Kit at:
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The Bottom Line

So what’s the bottom line?

The Accsoon Toprig s40 and S60 are the lightest, most compact, fastest to setup and easiest to use motorized sliders I’ve ever used. With the exception of ultra-accurate repeatable macro shots, these motorized sliders hit well above their asking price, and I highly recommend them both.


That wraps up this review but before I let you go, I do have a thought of the day to share with you.

And the thought of the day is this:

“Don’t be selfish; don’t try to impress others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves. Don’t look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too.”
Philippians 2:3-4

Thanks for watching, God bless, and I’ll see you in the next video 🙂


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