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Hacking The Best Standing Desk

I’ve been wanting to share my ultimate standing desk for some time, but never figured out how to best showcase it. The key is being able to change minute angles and heights independently for your keyboard and screen. I cannot believe what a 1/2 inch difference in height for my screen or keyboard will make in my posture and comfort for long days at my computer.

When a friend came over (who already owns and uses a varidesk) and ogled over my great standing desk hack, I knew I had to share it with you.

NOTE: As a professional photographer, I already had access to many of the pieces I cobbled together to create the best standing desk. But you definitely don’t have to spend your hard-earned cash on every single item. The thrifty and handy could buy the basic structure and make their own platforms for both your screen and keyboard surface with parts from Home Depot. But here’s what I use and why.

Click here for a link to most of the hardware from B&H. Some items are tough to find elsewhere, so if you can’t find them, hit the B&H Link and you should be good to go.

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In the video I’ll also showcase several smaller gadgets and tips that make this truly the very best standing desk you can make. I forgot to mention in the video that when I want to sit, I sit on a padded barstool which fits me perfectly.

Laptop/Screen Platform

Whether you’re 5.5 or 10′ tall, this stand will allow you to place your screen at the perfect level for perfect posture.

This Tether Tools Table is the one I use as my laptop screen platform.

A safe spot for my favourite hard drives.

Keyboard Platform

The combo of a superclamp and this arm make for a stable platform for your perfect keyboard ergonomics.

This is the Tabelz platform

I use as a base for my keyboard tray, but you could also hack something together from Home Depot for similar functionality.

Tabelz SP135M Primary Table, Black
List Price: $124.95
Price: $124.95
You Save: N/A

NotSoAncient Ergonomic Win: Mount your keyboard tray to this monopod tilt head to allow for the perfect negative tilt for the most comfortable typing ergonomics.

Miscellaneous Standing Desk Hack Gear

I zip tied this office power cord extension to allow me freedom of movement and ease of plugging in USB chargers and laptop plugs as needed.

It takes some time to get used to, but this is my favourite ergonomic split keyboardergonomic split keyboard. I own the bluetooth version too which is great, but prefer the USB corded version because I’m so impatient and hate waiting for the bluetooth to connect before being able to wake my computer.

I also use and recommend the VIP lifter accessory which allows you to angle your hands more naturally and rest them for truly comfortable typing.

Not all non-powered USB hubs are created equal, but the one below has worked well even with multiple hard drives plugged in.

NotSoAncient Tip: To prevent Hard Drive failure with USB hubs, make sure to plug all hard drives in before connecting the USB hub to your computer. This will (hopefully) prevent any required power surges upon plug-in from disconnecting other peripherals/hard drives.

I have hundreds of these Cable Buddy cord wraps and love them. Best for smaller office cables, they’re great for hanging, wrapping and organizing the necessary evil of cables.

If you’re like me, you might want your screen to be close to your eyes (old age eh?). I place simple Rubber Feet like these near the edge of my laptop platform to bring my screen closer to my NotSoAncient eyes 🙂

Forget expensive standing mats and buy the most comfortable slides I’ve ever owned instead. It’s like walking on pillows and bonus points for being arch-free and barefoot friendly 🙂


I hope you've found this article useful as I hope to make your life easier and more fulfilled.

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