My Favourite new Travel Wallet: Chums Surfshorts Wallet Review

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Like photo bags, I seem to have a thing for wallets. I’ve bought two on Kickstarter (though still waiting for the last one to ship) and have an ever-growing collection ranging in price and materials from cool metal shapes to hand-stitched leather.

After being pick-pocketed in France years ago, I’ve since been on the lookout for a truly great travel wallet.  It should be:

  • Secure  ~  I don’t want my stuff to end up all over the floor if the wallet inadvertently takes a dive. 
  • Accessible  ~  I should be (relatively) quick to the draw with cash or credit card.
  • Front-Pocketable  ~  I prefer to carry my main wallet in my front pocket. Slim styling appreciated.
  • Stealthy  ~  (aka no velcro)  Getting access to my business/memory cards shouldn’t create a scene.
  • Lanyard-friendly  ~  Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.

Below is a quick video review of my favourite new travel wallet: the cheap but well thought-out Chums Surfshort Wallet.

There’s enough room to stick all the stuff you see in the pic above in a small, tether-friendly package.

Priced around $13 it’s a great travel-friendly wallet that won’t empty your current one.

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