Igloos and Fires

It’s always tough for us to travel for work.  Don’t get me wrong: we LOVE what we do and are truly thankful we can do it together as husband and wife. But being away from our boyz means leaving a big chunk of our hearts at home.

Wanna know a little secret?

Sometimes, on the first day back from a trip, we selfishly keep the boyz home from school and have a family day 🙂

Instead of buying them gifts which (a) they don’t need and (b) will only encourage them to have us travel more (!?) we love lavishing them with our time and attention which we’ve so missed of theirs too.

It’s also great to know the boyz missed us as much as we missed them … unbeknownst to us they had planned the family day for us.

We arrived home late at night but were spoiled then next morning by waking to the aroma of the boyz baking scones … from scratch!


During breakfast they sweetly presented hand-made cards.  We could tell they put a lot of effort in them by the special surprise we found inside: the card contained a personalized word search puzzle!  We worked on it together after breakfast with maybe just a giggle or two.



And of course no beautiful Canadian winter day can go by without a little good old-fashioned backyard igloo building!



Not sure how many hours we spent out there, but it was getting a bit chilly, so it was time to start a fire.


Confession: it was tough finding kindling under the snow so I cheated: a couple cotton balls later and voila …



And back to that igloo ….





It was truly an extravagance to enjoy the simple things in life … together.



It was hard to get them back in the house and yup: they’re still begging to sleep in the igloo overnight!  If it weren’t for the coyotes (and fear of frostbite) we might actually let them … or not.

Hugs to you and yours 🙂



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