Nikon D750 Review, Recommended Settings and Tips

151015 Update: After a season of shooting it confirms our suspicions that the D750 is the best wedding camera we’ve ever used. Only slight gripes include arrangement of control dials (why in the world is “Effects” between Manual and Memory 1&2!?!??), poor battery life and limited flash sync speed. But really: love this camera. Wishlist: (a) focus points that covered the entire image area (currently too centralized which limits creative composition) (b) allow programmable buttons to toggle memory settings for quick-paced fast-changing lighting situations and (c) while I’m at it: where’s your radio off-camera flash control Nikon??? Pretty please?

150503 Update: All four of our D750’s went into Nikon service and were successfully adjusted to remove the shadow cast. Crisis averted 🙂

150113 Update: We, along with many other D750 users, have seen a strange top-edge shadow on images where the camera is pointed towards a light source. Thankfully, Nikon has acknowledged this issue and promises to fix the affected cameras later this month (January 2015). Here’s hoping they can do so before wedding season gears up! Link to Nikon’s official statement here.

Note: this is a living document, a.k.a. a work in progress 🙂 I’ll be adding more Nikon D750 videos, full review write-up and links as I get to know this beast of a camera over the course of the next couple of weeks. Nikon D750 unboxing Nikon D750 ergonomics review and comparison with the Nikon Df  A virtual Masterclass in camera setup: Recommended settings to maximize responsiveness, reliability and ergonomics + Photo Mechanic software: download and uniquely rename multiple memory cards from different cameras at once into the same folder with the following Photo Mechanic renaming scheme:

  • {id}-{year2}{month0}{day0}-BrideGroom-{timesort}-{frame4}
    • where Nikon Image Comment = {id}
  • OR: if customizing image name in-camera (see video above), can insert first 2 characters from image name instead.
    • i.e. {fbas:0,2} in lieu of {id} to create:
    • {fbas:0,2}-{year2}{month0}{day0}-BrideGroom-{timesort}-{frame4}
  • Tip: First cull/edit pass we sort by camera. Second cull/edit pass we sort all images from various cameras chronologically

+ Back button autofocus video coming soon.


  • Buffer limitation (15 RAW vs Df’s 25).  Hoping fast SD cards will prevent hitting the buffer wall when shooting RAW fast action.
  • LCD robustness.  Despite Nikon’s claims of weather sealing, I’m worried about the very thin and exposed ribbon which connects the articulating LCD to the body.  Only time (and use) will tell if my worries are justified (I hope I’m wrong!).

Initial Impression:

Out of the box, it’s 2 big thumbs up: couple a *very* responsive autofocus + decent low-light sensor in a relatively lightweight package = the best DSLR for most people, including pros and amateurs alike. 141019-Nikon-D750-Review-2000px

Final thoughts:  I think Nikon has created a beast of a DSLR for many.  From here on out, I feel the D4S will be only purchased by pro sports shooters, the D810 by pro commercial/landscape shooters and the Df by those desiring a retro body and lots of dials.

For everyone else, the D750 is the best full-frame camera to get.

Thanks for being here and would love to hear your thoughts!

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