Recommended iPhone X Cases: Minimalist & Wallet

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Being a techno-geek some may be surprised I’ve been using a 5-year old iPhone 5 for seemingly forever. Save the battery, the thing just won’t die. But I finally decided to upgrade to the shiny new iPhone X and that means revisiting my iPhone case needs.

In this previous article on recommended iPhone 5 cases, I spoke of minimalist, wallet, waterproof and battery iPhone case options. Lots has improved on the iPhone X since then, and there’s really no need for a waterproof option (unless you’re totally hardcore into water sports or living/working in a extreme conditions). I’ve also found that external USB battery packs have become ubiquitous, inexpensive and give more flexibility than dedicated iPhone battery cases. So that leaves me with the need to find a minimalist and wallet option for my iPhone X.

It’s been jokingly said the iPhone X is the most break-able iPhone ever made. And with both sides made of glass, I admit to giving extra consideration to Apple Care in case of disaster. This also meant I pre-ordered several cases prior to the arrival of my iPhone X.

Here’s the one’s I’m actually keeping.

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The Best Cheap Minimalist iPhone X Case

Deceivingly inexpensive and from a non-brand name, this clear TPU case turns out to not only be cheap, but great. Unlike other minimalist cases, this one covers all sides, and has a slight lip to protect the front of the iPhone X too. It’s clear, so shows off the iPhone X beautifully. And the slightly textured inner surface prevents sad-looking sticking to your glass-backed beauty. Only down-sides so far: the surface doesn’t play nicely with my beloved PopSockets, which is still one of my favourite iPhone accessories. The fix was thankfully simple: I used an exacto knife to cut out a circle in the centre of my case so my PopSocket can adhere directly to the iPhone X’s glass back. Added bonus is the PopSocket is still easy to pop open, but has a shallower pocket profile.

Another note: time will tell if this lives up to the claim of not yellowing over time. But for the price, this clear iPhone X case is awesome.

A Good Minimalist Wallet iPhone X Case

I’m not into flappy, folding iPhone wallet cases, and loved using this iPhone 5 wallet case. The closest version for iPhone X I’ve found is this copy-cat iPhone X wallet case by Silk.

Of course it adds to the thickness of your phone, but the added convenience of having three cards and some cash on hand is often worth the added bulk. My quibbles: the edges have a raised texture, but the type of plastic (silicon?) is still pretty slick in the hand. I’ve also found the slight texture of the backing doesn’t allow my beloved PopSockets to stick.

There are tonnes of other iPhone X options backs made of cloth, leather or plastic, but I’m thinking this tried and true design of having a slight rubber “clip” designed into the case will out-last the others.

Recommended iPhone X Accessories

My previous iPhone table-top stands were various-degrees of awesome and $$$, but customized to fit smaller iPhones. This Smartphone Stand is well-made, cheap and can accommodate every phone I can imagine.

I’m kind of in shock it’s this nice for the price, and ordered 2 more so I have plenty for the studio and home use.

Other items I already owned but are essential in my every-day-carry include this ultra-portable USB battery pack, extra Micro-USB cables and lightning adapters, my beloved PopSockets, and this soft, zippered case. More on the zippered case and my search for a non-ugly, small but useful man-bag to carry my ever-growing gadgets and junk coming in another post …

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