The Best Cable Organizer: Cable Buddy Review

A look in my gear room tells you I’m no neat freak, but I like to keep my standing desk and (seemingly) endless cables tidy. The reason isn’t just for looks either: I hate it when I break a cable because it’s often an unnecessary expense that a little care could prevent. The best way to remove cable clutter and extend the life of your cables is by using Cable Buddy’s.

What is a Cable Buddy? A bungee cord with a little bit of plastic? It’s an unassumingly simple in design, but the magic is in the little plastic clip which lets you bundle smaller cables and wires by snapping the bungee into the perfectly-sized rear slots. This leaves a loop which is perfect for hanging your extra cabling out of the way and, when hung properly, is also a great strain relief preventing damage not only to your cables, but delicate gear they’re plugged into.

I’ve been using Cable Buddy’s for years and have tried other solutions, but this is the best I’ve found. They’re pretty much on every cable I own and perfect for travel, office, your office-on-the-go, gear bag, school and everywhere else you find a cable. I even use them when shooting tethered as a cable strain relief.

I should not they’re not my favourite cable tie for bundling larger wires like long microphone cables but perfect for the majority of my office, camera, and video wires.

I’m geeky enough to gift these to family and friends – they’re that good. Cable Buddy’s aren’t inexpensive, but replacing cables can get expensive too. Seriously: until we live in a truly wireless world do yourself a favour and pick up some Cable Buddy’s.


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