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170731 UPDATE: Added Indexed Facebook video (index in first comment) and indexed Youtube video (index in video description) so you can skip ahead to any section as you wish.

Honest talk with someone I respect and love muchly, about a topic that is dear and all-too near to my heart.

0:43 disclaimer
2:56 creatives and depression
5:35 the need to create
6:38 kinds of depression
7:42 signs of depression
9:13 faith and depression
10:06 the serotonin bucket
13:18 medication for depression
14:22 depression doesn’t discriminate
15:54 steel balls and suicide
16:51 tell someone you trust
16:58 living with depression
17:24 admit without shame
18:56 reach out (you are not alone)
19:50 how much medication?
20:30 healthy living
20:39 walks and good thoughts
21:55 how to help someone with depression
22:12 one day at a time
23:10 lean on those around you
24:54 christians and depression
26:35 dangers of depression
28:24 actionable steps
28:38 thought of the day

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