the 10-minute Healthy Hot Breakfast: Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker Review

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Heart to heart: we bought our Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker on a whim years ago.

Homemade egg McMuffins in 10 minutes?

5-year manufacturer’s warranty (here in Canada at least)?


Too good to be true …. But it’s true 🙂


Hamilton Beach Sandwhich Maker Review

Here’s a video review with some tips for making a better sandwich with the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker.

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker Tips

NotSoAncient Tip #1: Face the butter-side out.  It won’t look pretty and will be a little slippery to hold, but the crunchy texture and flavour it creates is more than worth it.

Buttered-side out may be messy, but oh what a lovely crunch!

Buttered-side out may be messy, but oh what a lovely crunch!

NotSoAncient Tip #2: Use real cheese.  If you follow tip #1 and add processed cheese slices, it’ll slide right off the smooth edges of the english muffin and run over the edges of the sandwich maker.  Real cheese works much better.

"Traditional" muffin layout makes for a finger-friendly sandwich

“Traditional” muffin layout makes for a finger-friendly sandwich

NotSoAncient Tip #3: Don’t over-stuff with vegetables.  When vegetables cook, they typically release a lot of water.  Unless you like soggy sandwiches, make sure not to overcrowd your sandwich with veggies.


Bonus tip: scramble the egg to reduce the mouth-full-of-yolk effect

NotSoAncient Tip #4: After cooking, place the sandwich on a steaming rack to cool for a couple minutes. This will keep the beautifully crisp and crunchy exterior from becoming a sad, soggy mess.

Hardest part: waiting 5 minutes before sinking into deliciousness.

Hardest part: waiting 5 minutes before sinking into deliciousness.

Trust me: it might not look as good as the fast-food version we know and love, but you’re in control of the quality of the content and it tastes soooooooo gooooooooood.

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