5 reasons to try Amazon Prime (Yes: even in Canada)

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I’ve been an Amazon Prime member in both the US and now in Canada for years. While I admit to be a bit of a research junkie and gadget geek, here’s some reasons you too should consider becoming an Amazon Prime member even if you’re a Canadian like me 🙂


  • Reviews
  • Selection (Canada?)
  • Exclusive Prime Pricing & early release (Prime Day, Amazon Basics)
  • Convenience – 1-2 day shipping (or $3.99/item for 1-day)
  • Generous & Easy Returns – CP or UPS

Other Reasons (that don’t actually matter to me): Amazon Video, Music, Kindle, Audible, etc


  • Price: Shop even between Amazon.com and Amazon.ca
  • Reviews
  • Selection (Canada)
  • Work Environment
  • Support Local?



  • Worth it for you?
    20-30 orders per year with 2-day shipping option = Yes
  • No harm in trial to take advantage of PRIME day (Amazon’s private Black Friday in July).
  • Also if you’re watching on re-broadcast and missed Prime Day, can still sign up anytime as there are random Lightning Deals all year round
  • Sign up for a 30-day trial here

    Canadian Prime Link:

    US Prime Link:


    I hope you've found this article useful as I hope to make your life easier and more fulfilled.

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