Desview T2 Teleprompter Review: A great tool to level up your video presentation and zoom meetings

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The Desview T2 teleprompter is great for camera and smartphone video recordings and presentations, and though not perfect, is an innovative solution for better video and online presentations.


Before we get to the review, full disclosure: I was sent this product without charge, but without strings attached too. So as always, I’ll be sharing my honest thoughts – both good and bad – and giving you the details so you can make your own informed decision. As always, you’ll find links in the description and if there are any updates in the future, I’ll include them down below too.


Readily available, reasonably priced, and easy to set up, you can use this teleprompter to record better videos with anything from your iPhone to your video camera.


Everyone who records videos, or does zoom calls and wants to be more engaging with eye contact and better delivery.


I own both the little Parrot Teleprompter and larger Glide Gear iPad Teleprompter. The Parrot is tiny, and works ok with smartphones, but my aging eyes were finding it hard to see. Another issue is the Parrot can’t be used with wide angle lenses – a big selling feature of the Bestview T2.

The Glide Gears Teleprompter could accommodates larger tablets, but is heavy, has a saggy beam-splitting glass angle which, along with the bunching black cloth, can obstruct the camera’s view.

Soooo … my search for a great teleprompter continues.


Build Quality

  • Teleprompter: All-plastic build, with brass screw inserts. At first I was concerned, but the plastic quality seems decent and because the weight of the entire teleprompter and smartphone will be taken but the lens, it makes sense to make it as light as possible.
  • Step-Up Lens Rings: metal
  • Remote: plastic


  • reasonably priced relative to competition
  • easy and fast setup
  • comes with innovative solution to record with your smartphone (requires a second smartphone/iPad as teleprompter)
  • included remote control to change speed, play/pause teleprompter. Works with their free, basic teleprompter software (iOS version tested – very basic)
  • easy to hack: adapt to use your tablet or monitor of choice (watch video for example hack)


  • max 142mm wide tablet size – cannot use tablets larger than an iPad mini. Understandable since weight is taken by lens. Thankfully, a little camera rigging and you can use a larger tablet or monitor without issue (see video for example)
  • remote control: intermittent pause/play triggering. Unsure of the problem, but will sometimes not trigger. Can be frustrating but not a deal breaker.
  • Quality of glass: slightly more ghosting than Glide Gear Beam Splitter Glass.
  • wish for tool-less assembly of smartphone/tablet mount to make it more portable

Here are the items shown in the video I used to add a monitor to view myself to keep eye contact without parallax. You could modify it similarly to use your larger tablet or screen of choice.

  1. Superclamp

  2. Manfrotto Arm

  3. Monitor hotshoe mount

  4. 1/4-20 to 1/4/-20 adapter nut

  5. My 7″ monitor

The Bottom Line

Livestreams, online meetings and presentations are here to stay, and for those of us who want to level up our presentations, the T2 is a great teleprompter that won’t break the bank. No teleprompter I’ve used is perfect, but the Bestview T2 checks enough boxes to make it best-in-class and a great value. It’s a well thought-out solution – with limitations out of the box – that can let you look more professional on screen.


I hope you've found this article useful as I hope to make your life easier and more fulfilled.

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