ENACFIRE Wireless Earbud Review

Who knew a simple, inexpensive product like this mono bluetooth earbud could elevate my productivity so much? Guess it proves that sometimes it’s the little things …

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Mono, bluetooth wireless earbud with mic


  • wireless = freedom
  • mono = safety
  • tiny = convenient


Anyone who owns a mobile phone or computer and wants to listen to podcasts, tutorials or make skype/phone calls without a cumbersome headset.


In Use:

  • out of the box you get two magnetic chargers, two earbud pieces and a nice semi-stiff carry case
  • build quality seems good: all plastic, but this makes it light
  • paired quickly and easily to my iPhone and Macbook Pro (can quickly switch between)
  • single switch can be used to answer/end/reject/redial calls, start/stop media (volume and other controls via on-screen phone only)


  • inexpensive
  • ease of use
  • size/weight = almost forget it’s in my ear
  • sound quality – good, not great, but honestly better than expected
  • IPX4 splash-proof (sweat proof?)
  • battery life: 8 hrs talk, 6 hrs music, 150 hrs standby
  • quick charge times: 30-90 min


  • Audio sync with video 🙁
  • looks – hearing aid 🙂
  • be careful of excessive volume
  • fit is personal: deeper fit = deeper bass
  • great for non-agressive workouts


The Enacfire bluetooth earbud isn’t perfect, but hits just enough of the sweet spots to make it a truly great tool for those wanting to listen podcasts, watch tutorials or make phone and skype calls without a large headset.
The problem with ears is that each one is different. This Enacfire fits my ears so painlessly it’s one of the few earbuds I don’t want to rip out of my ear after a few minutes.


Definitely not the earbud to replace your favourite pair of cans, but having an inexpensive mono headset can add joy to your workouts, work and leisure. If the earbud fits, it’s a great addition to anyone who wants to listen to podcasts/tutorials and skype/facetime without a clunky headset on. So long as you can live with the limitation of bad audio sync to videos, I highly recommend you try this mono wireless earbud. Two thumbs up!


I hope you've found this article useful as I hope to make your life easier and more fulfilled.

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