Panasonic G95 Review – How does Micro Four Thirds hold up in 2019?

Short answer to the title’s question: So amazingly well I’m picking one up as soon as it’s released.

DISCLAIMER: This video footage was taken with a pre-launch Panasonic G95 with beta firmware. I only had it for a couple of days, and firmware may change things a bit, but from what I’ve seen and in-use I’m super-impressed and plan to add this camera to my kit as soon as it’s available.

The stunning Calgary Central Library was shot with the Panasonic G95 and kit lens. The footage was shot at 1080-60p and conformed for playback at 24p – no colour correction. The camera was set to full manual control including manual Kelvin white balance setting (set by eye to the LCD screen … Not my recommended method but love the results nonetheless). Colour me impressed (pun intended).

MFT vs Full-Frame Cameras in 2019

As a Sony A7iii owner, why would I even consider an MFT camera? Truth be told, I’ve been eying the super-popular Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K. There are lots of videos and articles proving MFT is nothing to turn your nose up at. And though I love my Sony A7iii it’s not without its issues. First and foremost I need a camera with an unlimited record limit without overheating issues. Sony’s 30-minute record limit is plenty for b-roll and even most interview work. But for events and live coverage, unlimited recording is something I need.

As I noted in my MFT in a full-frame world article, another inherent advantage of MFT over full-frame sensors is having MORE of the image in focus instead of less. When shooting groups and interviews, the Panasonic G95 will be my designated wide-angle camera. And with its unlimited record time, it’s the perfect safety camera you can just let roll for an entire interview.

Understand that MFT will never beat full-frame in low-light or shallow depth of field. But when used together, harnessing each for their strengths gives me more options than ever before.

Panasonic G95 vs Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4K

Since seeing it debut at NAB last year, I’ve added the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4K to my shopping cart sevearl times, but never pulled the trigger. In my heart, I knew it wasn’t the camera I needed. Sure the price is great, and the amazing RAW video specs and dynamic range it’s capable of are jaw-dropping. But do I need all that? And at what sacrifice? No flippy screen, cheap plastic body with no weather sealing, no IBIS and horrible battery life. The list of unlikes was as long as the like. And to make the Pocket Cinema 4K usable requires a lot more than just buying the camera since not even a lens is included.

Then Panasonic announced the G95. For about the same price, out of the box, it has everything you need to take videos like that shot in the Calgary Library. Amazing.

Flippy screen, weather sealed, unlimited recording, 12-stop V-log (but only 8bit) and a super-compact size and price point make the Panasonic G95 the incredible value I was searching for. This little beast of a camera will not only be a welcome addition alongside my Sony A7iii but is a great carry-everywhere camera capable of truly stunning imagery all on its own.

Here’s more footage to pairing the Panasonic G95 with (admittedly expensive) Metabones Speedbooster and my inexpensive Nikon 50mm f1.8 for super-creamy bokehlicious cinematic footage:


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