How to Brew Great Pour Over Coffee

My love affair and addiction to coffee is a well-documented not-so-secret obsession. After years of experimentation, I know better than to say “this is the best coffee making method EVER!” … But this comes really close.

The ParkBrew Pour Over Coffee Kit has become our daily coffee-making method of choice for the past several months not only because it produces great coffee, but is eco-friendly, and run by a company that pledges to give back to national parks with every purchase.


ParkBrew Coffee Co paid me to produce their commercial video but never asked me to do this review or showcase it here. But the quality of coffee it produces and attention to detail out of the box makes me want to share this pour over coffee kit with my coffee-loving friends.


The ParkBrew coffee kit includes a handled Chemex-compatible pour over coffee maker with silicon “lid”, a double-filtered reusable stainless-steel filter, and a large handled, insulated borosilicate glass mug. Add a decent grinder, kettle and coffee beans and you’re set to make a great cup of coffee.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Quality and design
  • Giving back – Feel good because a portion of profits is given to support National Parks


Coffee lovers everywhere


Build Quality

  • Cup:

    • Logos are on INSIDE of cup – won’t scratch off with use or washing
    • Weight – heavier than other double-insulated glass mugs I’ve used
    • Size – larger than other double-insulated glass mugs I’ve owned
    • Handle – makes it easier to hold and handle even when washing
    • Flat-bottomed – sits well (unlike Bodum Pavina design which I’ve knocked over and broken many times over)
  • Glass Coffee Pourover:

    • Handle – easier to handle
    • Weight – heavier than others including my Kalita wave (glass)
    • Markings – can be used without a scale
    • Etchings are on the outside – won’t dissolve in your drink 🙂
  • Filter

    • dual-layered stainless steel filter is of higher quality and finer weave than others I own
    • attention to detail: even the seams of the 2 stainless steel filters do not overlap

How to Brew Great Pour Over Coffee

Nerding out with Coffee: Factors Affecting Coffee Brewing

Some may ask why I favour pour over coffee. One of the reasons is the balance of simplicity with control of the many factors affecting coffee extraction. Factors include:

  1. Coffee Bean – Variety & process. Dry (aka Natural) process is more variable; changes cup-to-cup. Freshness vs rest – always changing
  2. Water – soft or hard? Distilled or Reverse Osmosis? Mineral content and Total Dissolved solids? There are literally companies that Shark Tank has helped to create better tasting water for coffee-making. Here’s an interesting DIY water for coffee method which may be worth a try
  3. Coffee to Water Ratio: 1:16 to 1:18 by WEIGHT
    ParkBrew = 42g : 700g
  4. Grind – particle size and consistency. Finer = more bitter. Coarser = weak or sour. Try adjusting to taste, but note there are limits to grind being the solution as noted in this long-ish list of coffee brewing variables. Fines embed into your filter and become part of the filter, slowing extraction. Recommendation – burr grinder for precise control. Doesn’t have to be expensive, and can hack a simple manual burr grinder to get the job done. A good start is to aim for grind size to resemble Kosher Salt
  5. Filter – extraction time, remaining fines and absorption of oils / flavours (good and bad). Spectrum ranges greater from super-porous metal filters to heavy Chemex paper filters.
  6. Temperature – cold may be sour, hot may be bitter. Constant temp of extraction a challenge. Recommendation: start at 195f and play up or down 1-2 degrees to find taste. keep vigilant as to pour and height of water level
  7. Agitation – 2 camps – never disturb the bed (Heresy to stirring), growing acceptance of gentle “excavation” to reduce bloom time and ensure all grinds are wet more quickly
  8. Time – aim for 3-4 minutes for total time (including “bloom”)

As you can see there are a lot of variables when it comes to coffee making. The beauty of the pour over method is you have control over as many of the variables you want, but can also just make it without worry and still get a great cup of coffee.

Here are some recommended coffee accessories to complete your pour over coffee kit.


Frankly I wasn’t planning on switching to the ParkBrew pour over as my daily grind, but it happened naturally. As witnessed by my growing arsenal of coffee-making paraphernalia, there’s definitely more than one way of making a great cup of coffee. But the ParkBrew coffee kit won me over with their well-thought-out design, attention to manufacturing detail, and eco-friendly filter. Tack on the fact the owners are great people who give back to national parks with every purchase and this coffee maker set is a great way to make coffee for the novice and expert. Buy one for yourself and give one as a gift and enjoy your next cup of coffee with peace of mind.

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