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The Best Sleep Apps and Aids that work for travel and home

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Pre-sleep aids

It’s not easy to create good pre-sleep habits, but every little bit helps. And nobody’s perfect – sure I know it’s best if all screens are off after 8pm, but I like to catch up on the news via TV and Twitter, but use these blue-blocking glasses to help transition to sleepy-time as best I can with my media vices in check.

Yogi Bedtime Tea -- 16 Tea Bags
List Price: $6.14
Price: $6.75
You Save: N/A

The stuff dreams are made of

Light and sound – remove annoyances to both and I’m *much* more inclined for a good nights rest. Here’s what I use and recommend for sleep masks and noise.

Sleep Master Sleep Mask
List Price: $25.90
Price: $25.90
You Save: N/A

Apps for Focus, Power Naps and Deep Sleep

Here’s where the magic happens: Apps that help me focus, take power naps, and konk out.

This has been my go-to app for mental focus and power naps. I even tested it on my non-napping teenager son who *really* needed a nap but didn’t want to. It konked him out so hard we were both shocked.

The app below is better for masking noises. Recently we stayed in central Chicago with sirens blazing at all hours, and in Edmonton near train tracks (ugh!) and both times I slept like a baby with the noise masked out with the app below.

And being a Sleep Geek, I like numbers and analysis, so my sleep app has (literally) thousands of nights sleep ready for me to figure how to maximize my physical and mental performance through better sleep.


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