Dave’s Keto Diet Diary – Day 5

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As my wife will attest to, I’m not one to diet … Like at all. Like “dessert is a food group” is an actual phrase I say out loud. Often.

But the ketogenic diet seems to be a unique diet with benefits far beyond the typical weight loss / muscle gain options, neither of which I’m interested in (but hey: great side benefits!). The benefit that peaked my interest for fasting and ketosis is cancer prevention and treatment. I don’t have cancer (that I know of), but there’s a chance all of us over 40 may have some cancer cells lurking in our bodies. The keto diet deprives cancer cells of their main fuel: sugar. And if we can either (a) starve ourselves long enough to kill of the cancerous cells which can’t find sugar in our bodies (doesn’t sound too fun) or (b) become keto-adapted (i.e. switch from using carbs and sugars to ketones as fuel), we can starve the cancer cells without starving ourselves.

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